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Bogaz Beach Hotel

Bogaz Beach Hotel

Overlooking emerald green of the nature and turquoise blue of the sea, situated at zero distance far to the sea on one of the best coves of Cyprus with its private sandy beach offers you enjoy full accommodations and splendid views. Also now it’s renew and more comfortable for your pleasure. You can enjoy the picturesque sea view from; your room, restaurant, meeting room, lobby and also indoor pool now. You can make your accommodation as; Bed & Breakfast, Half Board and Half Board + (unlimited drink during your dinner).

Cyprus; the pearl of Mediterranean was the householder of many civilizations for centuries and is the 3rd biggest island of Mediterranean. To see the ancient places of the island, you can book a car from ‘Bogaz Rent A Car’ which is placed inside the hotel, also we can obtain a private guide for you or you can attend the tours of the hotel. We are just a ‘click’ away for this charming holiday in Northern Cyprus.…

Bogaz Area is most popular area in North Cyprus, Bogaz Beach Hotel is located in the middle of the most popular five star hotels; Noah's Ark Hotel, Kaya Artemis Hotel, Salamis Bay Conti Resort Hotel & Casino and Palm Beach Hotel ; just 17km distance from the Famagusta. Our prices are the cheapest than all other five star hotels in the area. Bogaz Beach Hotel is just 15km from the biggest university of North Cyprus East Mediterranean University


North Cyprus Interesting Places to see and Fun Stuff


Kıbrıs adasının kuzeydoğu ucundan Anadolu'ya doğru uzanan, sivri ve uzun yarımadanın adıdır dr Kuzey Kıbrıs'ta yer alan Karpaz Bölgesi,bozulmamış sahilleri,berrak mavi suları,sarp yamaçları ve yeşillikleriyle dokunulmamış ve resmedilmeye değer bir bölgedir....

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Salamis Famagusta

Salamis, itself, was reputedly founded by Teucer, son of King Telamon of Salamis island. It is thought that the city was originally restricted to a small area round the harbour, and gradually expanded, particularly from around 1100BC, when Enkomi was abandoned and its inhabitants moved to Salamis..

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Bogaz Harbour

The pretty coastal harbour town of Bogaz is located on the south east coastal road next to the main town of Iskele in North Cyprus.

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